Behind the Scenes (The making of Skunk-Ape Hunters In Texas)

The making of this horromedy (Horror-Comedy) started the same way all classic films are started, friends and family reminiscing and enjoying a beverage on a back patio. After a reliving a couple old stories it was decided to make the rest of America aware of these adventures. With a semi-working plan in place, funding for the film was started. A film budget was developed based upon the amount of recyclable aluminum one man can pick up in four years scouring the highways of Texas. With the allotted budget in place filming commenced with the help of many talented and dedicated people. The photos of the cast and crew and depict what really goes into making a movie. Enjoy the show.


Clay Adams

Nathan Raschke

Ron Wood

Michael Savoie

Michael Sloane


Ben Rogers

Darryl Ireland

Eric A. Maskell

Paladin Vox

Phillip Smith

Rickie Budnek

Yvonne Rodriguez

Monica Clark

Gretchen Clark

Andrea Nelson


Amanda Baker

Jamal Benoit

Vanessa Cook

Joshua Curry

Bethany Doolin

Eric Espinoza

Heather Lamb

Hugo Martinez

Shaun McAlister

David Miedzianowski

Whitney Motto

Alexa Nottestad

Sarah Pyle

Karl Rolston

Adrian Santiago

Sanket Vaidya

Michael Walker

Jonny Williams