Skunk-Ape Hunters In Texas

Four young boys are camping in the backwoods of Texas. As they are sitting around the campfire telling scary stories, they have an encounter with a Bigfoot or Skunk-Ape. Twenty years later, the wife of Harold Frigien, wrecks on a desolate country road and claims that a Skunk-Ape walked out in front of her. Harold believes his wife is using this story as a front because she is fooling around. Ben Bridges, who works for Harold, believes Harold’s wife and proceeds to entangle himself in this domestic dispute. The outcome of Ben’s intrusion is a bet to prove the existence of the Skunk-Ape. The kicker on the bet is that all evidence must be captured with the crew from the hit television series Likely Story, whose host is Harold’s old college roommate, Lester Carlisle (a.k.a. Luke Cates).

With the terms of the bet sealed, Ben enlists the help of his three friends; Henry Edwards, Jason Collier and Ricky Young. After a brief planning session at Shakey’s Bar, the four lads set out to start scouting areas to hunt the Skunk-Ape. The four friend’s misadventures start with a visit to Big Nate to acquire the firepower to bring down the Skunk-Ape. Of course, the fact that Jason slept with Nate’s midget sister does not help matters. With weapons of mass destruction in hand, the boys head off to visit the wizard for advice, (the smartest computer geek in the county). Through all of their efforts, the four friends only manage to drink beer, raise a little hell, break hearts, and make constant wise cracks about every situation.

The following weekend, the novice Skunk-Ape hunters are joined by the crew of the television show Likely Story to collect the evidence to decide the bet. The Likely Story crew brings a healthy dose of skepticism along with high tech equipment to mix with the low-brow tactics of the four lads. The friends are partnered with the slick, technically savvy, crew members of the Likely Story team.

Before the bet can be settled, the evidence collected over the night of Skunk-Ape hunting is reviewed. In each case, the evidence does show something strange might have occurred, it just does not prove a Skunk-Ape exists. Ben is then resigned to having lost the bet and will be indebted to Harold, his asinine boss, forever or at least until the wrecked car is paid off. However, there is evidence captured that reveals that Luke Cates may have had a little case of the runs when an attack by the Skunk-Ape appeared imminent. Mysteriously, all debts are paid and the boys return to their normal everyday lives with the exception of now having been – Skunk-Ape Hunters In Texas.